What is the difference between standards mode and quirks mode?

In the old days, pages were written in two versions: Netscape Navigator Microsoft Internet Exploreer When W3C, was introduced, browsers could not just start using them as doing so would break most existing sites on the web. Browsers introduced two modes to treat new standards compliant sites differently from old legacy sites.  Layout engines in browsers uses three modes: Quirks […]

Different types of post status in WordPress

Different types of post status in WordPress. One very important field is the post_status field. Currently, seven different post statuses are defined in WordPress: 1. publish — A published post or page. 2. inherit — A post revision. 3. pending — Post that is pending review by an administrator or editor. 4. private — A private post. 5. future — […]

What Is the Codex?

What Is the Codex? The WordPress Codex is an online wiki for WordPress documentation located on WordPress.org. WordPress.org describes the Codex as an “encyclopedia of WordPress knowledge.” You can visit the WordPress Codex by going to http://codex.wordpress.org or by clicking the Docs tab in the header of WordPress.org. The Codex is a wiki-based website, which means anyone can create, edit, […]

Benefits of Working on Website Locally before making it live

Developing locally is considered a best practice. In general, you do not want to be actively developing on a live production website because you could have visitors accessing the site at any time and development involves iterations of breaking code and making it work again. This is not the experience you want to provide to your visitors. What is “developing […]

add support for featured image, post formats, thumbnails in your theme

To add support for featured image, post format, thumbnail, post-thumbnails,background image, custom header, tiny MCE editor, and translation, add the following codes to functions.php file. It is important to note that, these codes add support for different things. This lines add support for feedback links support. Add theme support for Automatic Feed Links The line below adds theme support for […]