Best WordPress Theme for Blogger 2016

7 Jan

Best WordPress Theme for Blogger 2016


Which WordPress themes to choose?

Blogging is becoming very popular means day by day. Higher is the popularity of blogging, and higher is choice of implementation. There are thousands of WordPress themes available in marketplace. Which one to choose?

Here are some of the aspects which will help you to decide which theme is good for your website.

Our main motivation of building website is to get ourself known in the world. We want to say loud to the world that we exists. Not only that, we want to win the market place, get notified in the crowed and want to be seen unique among peers. And how do we become unique among others?

  • Possibly, we need a online portfolio where we can display what we have done. Showing work you have done is the best way to say you have skills needed for clients.
  • We want to be seen on search Engines. According to data given by on December 2013, see details,   14.3 TrillionWebpages, live on the Internet. Most of information we need is found by searching in Search Engine like Google or Bing or Yahoo. When users search for particular “Keywords” you want to be listed on the top of others.
  • Let users speak about you. Testimonials are one of greatest way to show world that you can do something useful for others.

There are possibly thousands of other reasons how we want be be unique from others. We can achieve this by building online website. Today, WordPress is one of the best choice among users for several reasons. But when coming to choosing theme we want the theme that is:

  1. Secured
  2. Fast
  3. Light weight
  4. Minimal and Elegant
  5. Uses minimum overhead for clients and servers
  6. Provides Updates

Working as web developer since last 4 years, I worked with many sites and many themes. For some reasons, one of others have both good and bad qualities. I was not satisfied with blogging theme developed in the market place because they are very specific to their needs or developers need. So, I started building my own theme and came up with SAS Theme for bloggers.

Why SAS Theme?

  • It is fast.
  • It is secured.
  • It is optimized.
  • It uses minimal HTTP Requests.
  • It provides updates.
  • It is built on open source front end platform Bootstrap 3
  • It has minimal page builder.

Download the Theme. 


I am backend developer with passion in Web Application development using latest technologies like Laravel, PHP7, React, ECMAScript 6 and WordPress. I prefer spending time analyzing big data with Apache Spark. Apart from that, I do photography.