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What Is the Codex?

What Is the Codex? The WordPress Codex is an online wiki for WordPress documentation located on describes the Codex as an “encyclopedia of WordPress knowledge.” You can visit the WordPress Codex by going to or by clicking the Docs tab in the header of The Codex is a wiki-based website, which […]

add support for featured image, post formats, thumbnails in your theme

To add support for featured image, post format, thumbnail, post-thumbnails,background image, custom header, tiny MCE editor, and translation, add the following codes to functions.php file. It is important to note that, these codes add support for different things. This lines add support for feedback links support. Add theme support for Automatic Feed Links The line […]

How to increase your business?

” How to increase your business?  ” is a generic question many startup asks !  Everyone likes to have their business powered up, don’t you think so? I bet you do. So, without beating about the bush, what is the secret behind powering up your business. Well, here is million dollar secret, “there is no […]