All about Information Architecture

Information Architecture (IA) is associated with how people cognitively process information in any Information systems. IA assists experts in the content structuring making it comprehensible and discoverable for the Information Systems users.


How does GraphQL work?

GraphQL is a recently proposed, and increasingly adopted framework for providing a new type of data access interface on the web. The framework includes a graph query language that enables app developers to run queries against server API that traverse a graph of application objects and fetch exactly the right amount and format of data in a single request.


Philosophy of Science and its relation to AI-assisted Adaptive Technology for mental health treatment

This position paper correlates the philosophy of science with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted adaptive technology for providing personalized treatment of mental health problems using adaptive technology. Machine Learning (ML), a subset of AI, provides principled methodologies for the development of automatic, complex, objective algorithmic models for analysis of multi-dimensional and multi-modal biological data.

Paper Review

Psychological treatments for Mental Disorder in adults

Evidence-based psychological treatments is regarded as the best practice for treatment of mental health morbidities. The study analyses RCTs, reviews, meta-analysis, guides and reviews from 4 different organisations in relation to mental health disorders and the level of agreement among organisations associated evidence-based psychological treatments.

Research Ethics

Research Ethics in relation to AI-assisted Adaptive Technology

The trustworthiness of the scientific society and the perception of the public to judge and adhere to new knowledge strongly depends on the authenticity, accuracy, and reliability of the results that have been published.