Adding Custom Fields to Products in WooCommerce

As you can on the screenshot above we will see how to add custom fields to the product edition page. To do that we will be working on the functions.php file of your theme’s folder only. The right hooks The first step is to hook an action to woocommerce_product_options_general_product_data. The function linked to this hook will be responsible for the new fields display. […]

Motivations of Process Mining

Motivations of Process Mining Data are important aspects of any organization. Data can be processed to get information and information can be processed to get knowledge. Knowledge from these past data are driving forces for carrying out business in present and future. Different classical data mining techniques like clustering, classification, regression, association and sequence mining are used to analyzes specific steps in overall process […]

Updating to PHP 7

PHP 7 is here, and it’s the most dramatic update to PHP in over a decade. A revamped engine (Zend Engine 3), numerous new features, and lots of language cleanup mean lots of exciting changes to the language that runs the Web. I am going to show some of the major updates that are visible in PHP 7: Deprecated Features […]

What is the difference between standards mode and quirks mode?

In the old days, pages were written in two versions: Netscape Navigator Microsoft Internet Exploreer When W3C, was introduced, browsers could not just start using them as doing so would break most existing sites on the web. Browsers introduced two modes to treat new standards compliant sites differently from old legacy sites.  Layout engines in browsers uses three modes: Quirks […]