I am from Nepal (Saptari District, Sagarmatha Zone). I am married. I have a daughter and a son and currently living in Norway. I love hiking, photography, writing, partying, and coding. I am fascinated by frontend engineering, software architecture and these days with Natural Language Processing. I can not say if I have a strong preference for any music, but my choices are generally highly influenced by my current mood.
Besides, I have a PhD in Software Engineering awarded from Høgskulen på Vestlandet in Bergen, Norway, in 2021. The doctorate was a part of an interdisciplinary project entitled INTROMAT (INTroducing personalized Treatment of mental health problems using Adaptive Technology). I have a Masters in Information System from Norwegian Universities of Science and Technology(NTNU). My master thesis was entitled Predicting next click log using process mining. This thesis proposes a methodology for revealing deep content interaction models from real-life weblogs. The method is applied to weblog data from Adresseavisen, a regional news publisher in Norway. This thesis gives a brief literature overview of process mining, motivations for process mining, related works are done with process mining and tools for process mining. In addition to this, the project compares process mining with data mining and web usage mining. The dynamic nature of the Web and Information systems are becoming more and more intertwined with the operational processes.
My Bachelor degree was in BSc.CSIT (Bachelor in Computer Science and Information Technology) where I studied about fundamentals of computer science and information technology including Information System, Fundamentals of C programming, Database Management System, Software Engineering, Database Administration, Computer Network, Wireless Networking, and others.
I enjoy talking to people. Just connect to me on any social media platform, and I would gladly indulge in your conversation.